Winona "Winny" Barlowe

Winny (she/her) is a newly turned werewolf who has taken her trauma of being turned and funnelled this energy into her werewolf shelter she runs with her work-partner and long time friend, Odile. While she is a very tough and stubborn sort, she cares deeply about the safety of those around her and will fight tooth and nail for fairness and equal treatment of all werewolves.

Odile Brady

Odile (they/them) is a werewolf with a few more years of experience on Winny. They had a bit of a traumatic turn and grew close to Persis who walked them through their werewolf changes. Now they are the resident goofball with a great interest in the mysteries and goings on in Merlot. Odile will gladly sip any and all tea offered their way.

Emerson “Em” Pines

Em (she/her) is the werewolf who accidentally turned Winny. She’s been on the run since she was turned at a young age, looking for someone… but who? Em is a huge sweetheart and will gladly help out anywhere she thinks needs a strong set of hands. Though she is large and beefy, she has a massive soft side and would much prefer to talk things through than use force.

Victoria “Vic” Darling

Vic (she/her) is a very well seasoned vampire with a love for life and all those within it. She’s a trans woman with nothing but love in her heart and a massive fondness for women of any shape and size. She’s a flighty sort, veering towards a very positive outlook on life though she has witnessed her fair share of tragedy, and will very gladly sit and listen to anyone who needs a shoulder to cry on.

Jin-Ju Moon

Jin-Ju (they/them) is a very freshly turned vampire, only a few months young into their transition. They are a bit of a mess, scrambling away from their problems, ever fearful of facing them head-on. Jin-Ju is an anxious sort but will stand up for their friends and close companions. They are an impulsive sort which is often to their detriment but keeps them true to their heart.