V1 cover - Volume 1, Cover
Posted 2.16.2023 at 09:02

Hey everyone!

Paint the Town Red has a new home on the internet! Wowowow! Look at this shiny space! Huge shout out to Team Hiveworks for the help (most especially Kevin for getting us set up here)!

So here's the deal... Paint The Town Red is generally a story we release by physical copy first, then post online for folks to read! This one's been around a bit longer (since 2017) so there are a lot of little quirks to these early pages that we would definitely like to iron out some day (perhaps the next chance we get to re-print it).

We hope that anyone reading this keeps that in mind, a lot of the quirks and goofs in these early pages get ironed out in the next volume!

Otherwise that's all we got for ya! We'll be posting up the entirety of Volume 1 and then updating Volume 2 on a schedule ;v;/

Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to read about our dramatic babes~ <3

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