Augustine Cast

Augustine "August"

She/Her — The Fearless Leader

Watch out for this troubled youth and her rag-tag group of cronies. She’s been known to stir trouble, encouraging reckless behaviour, disrespecting property and disturbing the peace with her awful, hedonistic tunes.

Troy "Brick"

He/Him, Minotaur — The Voice of Reason

Known to be August’s right-hand man. A combination of both brains and brawn. It’s safe to say that he might be the most responsible for this group’s canoodling and tomfoolery.


They/Them, Sphinx — Tech Genius

It’s said that this kid can make mountains out of molehills…. With nothing but spare scraps of junk. Seriously. We're probably dealing with fifty work-safety violations with this one.

Andromeda "Ande"

She/They, Giant — The Muscle

She’s quiet but she must be up to shenanigans if she’s hanging around the rest of these hooligans.

Ice Snake ("???")

She/Her, Gorgon — Bounty Hunter

If you need a dirty job done, Ice Snake is the best one for it. She’s cold-blooded, efficient and flexible. You want that guy dead OR alive she’ll work it for you. (Full pitchers only, I don’t work for half-pints).

Werekat ("???")

He/Him, Sphinx — Bounty Hunter

Want to keep your hands clean of the mess? Hire the best sharpshooter in the entire Crater. Werekat will take care of your problems with minimal mess left behind. (Note: only works jobs alongside Ice Snake).

Tantolus "Tanto"

He/Him, Minotaur — Resident Jackass

Esteemed land owner pioneers state of the art water-tower technology to bring gallons of much-needed liquid into small broken-down towns. Establishes a proper repore with desperate locals and saves them from their own poverty. What more can be expected of a generous, devout follower of the Eye?


He/Him, Satyr — Bootlicker

Employee of the month for 300 consecutive months. Loyal, driven to the needs of his superiors, exceeds expectation


She/Her, Harpy — God of the Moon

It is an ill omen to speak of Podarke, a mythical goddess with a wild and untamed temper, burning hotter than the sun she so readily consumed. For years she has lain dormant but prophecy states she will one day destroy the world in the midst of her fiery fury...