About Augustine


Augustine follows the adventure of August and her friends: Brick, Heti and Ande as they survive in the perilous region known as the Crater. You can call them all Trouble (with the capital T) as they wrack up bounties for their rowdiness, most especially from the local head honcho Tanto the Bull. During these escapades, however, the group stumbles into an ancient artifact, a possible piece of an old myth surrounding the Crater. This discovery soon leads them down a path of chaos, chased by bounty hunters and old forgotten gods.

This comic uses aspects of Greek Mythology, and delves into concepts of ancient relics and the deities they represent and what it means to find your own family. It is intended as a fun action adventure with heart. It will delve into themes involving: ostracisation, abandonment, and transphobia. This comic will also contain bigger amounts of: sarcasm, cartoon violence and swearing. Although meant as a fun adventure, these themes will be present, so keep that in mind if it isn't for you! This comic is 15+.

Augustine updates every Tuesday and Thursday!


This comic is made by a two-man team: Tas (she/they) and Winter (they/them)! Together they run Windy & Wallflower, a Canadian collective making queer comics and stories! This comic is a collaboration between the both of them. You can find out more about us on our site here!