Augustine (15+)

Augustine follows the adventure of August and her friends: Brick, Heti and Ande as they survive in the perilous region known as the Crater. You can call them all Trouble (with the capital T) as they wrack up bounties for their rowdiness, most especially from the local head honcho Tanto the Bull. During these escapades, however, the group stumbles into an ancient artifact, a possible piece of an old myth surrounding the Crater. This discovery soon leads them down a path of chaos, chased by bounty hunters and old forgotten gods.


Paint the Town Red (16+)

Paint The Town Red is a comic series centred around the drama between queer vampires and werewolves (among other supernatural babes) in the weird gothic city of Merlot. It is a slice-of-life with a sprinkle of action, a smidge of mystery and a punch full of drama.
New werewolf Winny and her dear friend, Odile, have been running a small werewolf shelter. As Winny is haunted by her past, things really go awry as there's suddenly a injured vampire at their doorstep. Once Winny decides to take her in, new strange events and mysteries begin to unfold--digging up parts of Winny's past, opening up new relationships, discovering new problems deep in the heart of Merlot. Everyone seems to have something to hide in this little town--but no one can hide it for long.


The Sanity Circus (13+)

The Sanity Circus is about a girl named Attley living in the very strange city of Sanity. Full of magic, monsters, and mystery, Attley is suddenly thrown into a dangerous situation when her friend turns out to be not quite human. Now she’s seeking answers, and running into other bizarre people with their own problems– like a boy who can turn into a seagull, clowns with disembodied limbs, and instruments who become people. Just what is happening in Sanity?